School Rules

In every home there are guidelines, regulations and value systems to ensure proper training and cordial living.  So too, at Providence, your daughter’s home for the greater part of the day, there are principles and policies that are laid down by the school Administration and Teaching staff that must be observed for the growth of the individual and the school as a community.


Students’ behaviour, deportment & speech in and out of school is under school authority from the day the student puts on the uniform of this school until the end of her school career here at Providence.

We strongly object to the following:-

  1. Buying from street vendors
  2. Loitering on the street to and from school
  3. Sitting on walls or in public places that do not become a young lady.
  4. Waiting on specific taxis for any reason unless authorized and recommended by parents; ortravelling in PH cars
  5. Lewdness - vulgar, obscene, rude and disrespectful language or behaviour. The use of profanity, sexual, foul or obscene language and/or gestures, obscene materials (e.g. in notes or letters, books, diaries, text messages etc.) or any type of verbal assault or abuse will not be tolerated.

This distinctive mark of our school community is obligatory and must be worn with respect, dignity and a sense of loyalty to the principles and policies of our school.

The uniform of Providence is as follows:-

  1. WHITE BLOUSE - with blue pinstripe, worn outside the skirt.  The blouse is buttoned down the front, has an extended collar and short sleeves which are about two inches (approximately) above the elbow.
  2. BLUE SKIRT - slightly A-line with two knife pleats left of centre; one inch below the knee.
  3. SOCKS - Plain white socks (ONE PAIR), must be one inch above the ankle)
  4. FOOTWEAR - All white, low top sneakers.  Boots and boot-like shoes are not allowed.  NO long tongues, nor trendy decorated shoes, nor shoes with contrasting colours are allowed.
  5. SCHOOL BADGE - indicates House and is worn on the left shirt collar.

A WHITE vest or camisole that fits inside the skirt must be worn with the school uniform.Full uniform must be worn at all times and only in connection with school-related activities.  At no time should the uniform be worn in part nor should there be any additions or alterations to it.


The attire for School Outings/Educational Tours is either:-

  • the School Uniform OR
  • the blue school Polo jersey with a pair of long, blue or black jeans and the school sneakers.
  1. MAKE UP:

Simplicity should be the characteristic mark of a student of this school. No make-up of any kind is permitted - this includes, nail polish, hardener, eyeliner and mascara, lip gloss, chap stick.

  1. HAIR:

This must be kept clean and neat and simply combed.

Trendy hairstyles that are not suitable for school will not be tolerated. Hair must not be dyed or bleached.

A narrow bandeau (no wider than 1 inch or 2.5 cm) - black or dark blue may be used, if needed, to keep hair back.

Black, dark blue or white hair ties are accepted.  These must be functional NOT decorative.

Simple, black or dark-blue functional hair clips are allowed.

No extensions, weave or wigs must be worn to school.


The following are allowed:

  • A wrist-watch with a simple black, brown, silver or gold band no wider than 1 inch (2.5 cm)
  • A pair of simple knob stoppers in plain gold or silver no wider than 4 mm in diameter
  • Only one pair of earrings is allowed and this must be worn on the lowest hole on the earlobe.  Precious stones e.g. pearls, diamonds and other gemstones are not allowed, neither are alphabetical letters or other designs.

NOTE WELL:  Any form of jewellery worn that does not conform to what is stipulated will be confiscated for 2 weeks.  Parents are advised to continually reinforce this to their daughters.  They are asked not to come to the school to request for the return of the confiscated item during this two-week period.


When a student is absent, an excuse must be submitted to her Form Teacher/Assistant Form Teacher on the day of her return.  This must be written on a proper sheet of paper for our records (no scraps please) and signed by the parent or guardian.  The school must be informed as early as possible if the student is to be absent for a prolonged period. 

If for some serious reason a student has to leave during school hours, a letter requesting permission and signed by the parent/guardian, must be addressed and sent to the Principal in advance.  If anyone other than the parent/guardian is collecting the student, this letter must include the name of that person. No student will be allowed to leave the compound without such a letter or on the basis of a phone-call.

Students are expected to be on the compound by 8.00 a.m. to begin their school day.  Only for serious and unforeseen reason will unpunctuality be accepted.

Punctuality and    attendance records are documented on the students’ files and affect the students recommendations.  Students who arrive late for school must have a written excuse signed by the parent or guardian. 


Neither vulgarity nor obscenity will be tolerated at any time in speech or in writing. 


Modelling/participation in advertisements outside of school are not considered activities of a Providence student during her years at school. 

Vulgar/indecent dancing at school events will not be tolerated and students are expected to dress modestly on the school compound or other venues and events that do not require the school uniform. 


No literature (story books, magazines, novels, papers etc), nor photographs that offend or are against decency and modesty, nor any other materials that are in conflict with the teachings of the Catholic faith, may be brought into the school compound (and certainly not on electronic gadgets). 

Any student who interferes with another’s property e.g. by theft or unpermitted loan will be punished severely.  Anyone who leaves pen ink, marker or liquid paper markings on desks, floors or walls will be required to clean it.  If any student     damages school property, she will be required to shoulder the cost of repair and/or face suspension.  A student is required to make restitution if she defaces or she steals, or if she loses another’s property. 

Chewing gum and liquid paper are not allowed in this school.


Parents are asked to collect their daughters by 5:00 p.m. After 6:00 p.m., the students will be sent to the Belmont Police Station and await their parents there. This is for their own safety!!

Students who have not been collected from the alley      entrance by 3:30 p.m. must return to the school and wait outside  the Hall since the Alley Gate will be locked by 3:30 p.m. The student who disobeys, causing herself to be locked out on the pavement, opens herself to risk that could be avoided. This again is for the students’ safety. 

Drop-off of students directly onto the school compound is not allowed between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm.  We ask that students be dropped off in front the alley gate before 8:30 am and collected there between 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm.  This is because the access road is narrow and can not facilitate two-way traffic. 

To avoid annoying traffic congestion on Belmont Circular Road, parents are advised to create their own one-way system. Come in from the Savannah travelling eastward and after picking up your daughter, continue along the   Circular Road either to Jerningham Avenue further down or take one of the wider side streets higher up and get onto Norfolk Street (an up street) which will bring you back north onto the Circular Road.This helps tremendously! 

Please be mindful of the traffic signs posted and only park or wait on the side of the road designated for that purpose. (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - side with school.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday - side opposite school)


Students are not called to the phone during school hours.  The message has to be left with the secretary.  The students will be paged on the P.A. system.  Administration will not be            responsible if a student fails to receive her  message due to non-response by the student.  Students are allowed to use the phone only for emergencies not forgetfulness.



This policy outlines the acceptable use of electronic devices to maintain a safe and secure educational environment with the goal of preparing students for the future, improving learning, and fostering digital citizenship.

Electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops and tablets brought to school shall be restricted to educational purposes in approved locations and times and be used only under the supervision of school personnel.

Students shall:

  • use electronic devices in accordance with the expectations set forth in the Ministry of Education’s Code of Conduct (pg. 29 and pgs. 43-46);
  • comply with guidelines set by school personnel for the use of electronic devices while on school property or while engaged in a school-sponsored activity;
  • keep devices switched off and stored in school bags or desks unless required for a lesson.
  • take photographs and audio/video recordings only when authorized by school personnel for educational purposes and only with a person’s consent;
  • access the school network using only approved devices;
  • implement virus and malware scanning on their electronic devices;
  • ensure their electronic devices are charged prior to bringing them to school;

Prohibited uses of electronic devices include, but are not limited to:

  • areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as restrooms;
  • downloading files that are unrelated to educational activities;
  • engaging in non-educational activities such as playing games, watching videos, using social media, listening to music, texting, or taking personal calls;
  • cheating on assignments or tests;
  • using photographs and audio/video recordings for a purpose unrelated to the school assignment;
  • engaging in cyberbullying which involves using technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person;
  • infringing upon copyright laws or plagiarizing protected information;


Detention is a penalty for infraction of school rules.  This takes place on a Thursday afternoon from 2.30-3.30 p.m. Parents will be notified via letter a day in advance if a student has detention.  Parents are expected to fully co-operate with the school’s arrangement if their daughter has detention. 


Providence is a Catholic School with a Catholic philosophy of education.  Its system of ethics and values is in keeping with Catholic teachings.  We uphold our Catholic principles and values.  Religious Education classes and guidance sessions often underline such principles, and it is hoped that our     students will be formed in the moral and spiritual values that we uphold.  We expect that parents who select Providence Girls’ Catholic School for their daughters at the SEA level will help us to maintain those morals and values that we cherish and which are at the heart of our institution.

It is compulsory for all our Catholic students to attend Catholic activities that we schedule on our Calendar. These include school and class Masses, Retreats, May Procession and all other liturgical activities associated with the Church’s calendar.