Online School Policy, Responsibility and Cyber Security

Please read the following documents to learn more about our Online School Policy, Being a Responsible Digital Citizen and Cyber Security.

Online School Policy

Being a responsible digital citizen

PGCS Cyber Safety Presentation

ICT Accessibility Data Collection 

In a bid to keep abreast of the current situation, we ask that parents and guardians complete the following data collection form so that we can have an idea of any changes in contact information or accessibility to devices or internet. 


Please be advised that all completed forms and documents must be emailed to

Transfer Request Form

Providence Girls' 20% Form


At Providence Girls' Catholic School, many of our teachers utilize and integrate the latest educational apps and technologies into the classroom in order to enhance learning. Below are links to tutorials which instruct both parents and students how to correctly use some of the more popular Educational apps.  

Microsoft Teams Tutorials

How to use Microsoft teams-MOBILE DEVICES

How to use Microsoft teams-LAPTOP-DESKTOP

Edmodo Tutorials

Visit Edmodo

For Parents

For Students

Class Dojo Tutorials

Visit Class Dojo

About Edmodo

For Parents

For Students

IXL Tutorials

Visit IXL Math

How To 


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