Past Achievements


1936 - 2007

Scholarships Winners 
2004 President's Medal & National Open Scholarship winner -
Cambridge A Levels (Math, Accounting, Econ) : Marisa Leung 

2005 Tenth in Literature in world (Candice Jaglal) 


2006 Melanie Phillips – Additional Scholarship (Business) 
CXC CAPE (Mathematics, Economics, Communication Studies, Caribbean Studies) 

2005 First in Accounting in T&T (Aliyyah Dookie) 
2004 Second in Food & Nutrition in T&T (Lily Mosca) 
2003 First in POA in T&T(Ava Marie Singh) 

1936?Shield of Honour – Best English Essay of Intermediate schools 
Prior to ‘72Helen Wilke Jerningham Silver Medal – 1st in the island – Cambridge ‘O’ Level Exam 
1996Arielle Montano 1st in the island for CXC Spanish 
1996Nicole Horsham 2nd in the island for CXC Food & Nutrition 
1998Form 3’s 1st place – National and regional winner of Royal Bank Young Leaders. 
1999Form 3’s 3rd – Royal Bank Young Leaders. 
1999Kari Cobham 1st Place – CLICO Creative Writing Competition 
1999Qamira Ali 1st in the island for CXC Principles of Accounts 
2000Sasha Kong 1st in the Caribbean for CXC Craft 
2000Sacha Rodriguez 1st in the island for CXC Principles of Business 
2001Form 3’s 1st Place – National winner of Royal Bank Young Leaders. 
2002Marissa Leung1st in the Caribbean for CXC History 
2003Ava Marie Singh 1st in the island for CXC Principles of Accounts 
2004F4 Bio Students 1st & 3rd – Petrotrin Environmental Project – Oceans Dead or Alive 
2004Marissa LeungNational Open Scholarship winner & President’s Medal Cambridge A Levels (Math, Accounting, Econ) 
2004Dhanielle Smith 1st – North Zone School’s Scrabble tournament 
2004Football TeamWinner of Under 15 Girls’ Secondary Schools Football League – Knockout Champions. 
2004Kira Ferreira 1st place – 25m Back Stroke 
2004Swimming 1st in Relay 4 x 50m – 14 and under 
2004Deniece St Louis 2nd place – Clothing and Textiles 
2004Lily Mosca 2nd Place – Food & Nutrition 
3rd Place – Spanish 
2005Football Team Under 15 Secondary Schools Football League – 1st Place – Under 15 knock out competition – Third consecutive year!!! 
2005Amanda La Flouf Special Award for Goalkeeper – All Star Team 
2005Cherise Rose Special Award – Defender – All Star Team 
2005Ashley Alonzo Special Award – Striker – All Star Team 
2005Football Team2nd Place – under 19 League 

Swim Team 

Kelcie Ferreira 

Kira Ferreira 
Stephanie Woo Ling 

Our team place 2nd overall at the Schools Swim Meet. Many of our students received medals and trophies in the different categories. 
Breaststroke – 1st Butterfly – 2nd Freestyle – 2nd Backstroke – 3rd 
Backstroke – 1st Freestyle – 2nd Butterfly – 3rd 
Breaststroke – 2nd 
2005Hockey Team Under 15 – 1st in knock-out tournament 
Placed in the top three schools in various competitions. 
2005Candice Jaglal Chosen to represent T’dad & T’go at the World Affairs Seminar in Wisconsin USA, June. All expenses paid. This is a Global seminar where students from all over will assemble and make presentations on various Global issuses. ‘Globalisation and our Tradition’ Essay Competition by Rotary Club.