Fit & Fab 5K 2023

Online Registration Guide

  1. Go to the PGCS Be Fit and Fab 5K 2023 registration page:
  2. Click “Register” button to begin registration.
  3. Follow login instructions to continue to the registration page.
    1. Fill in and accurately complete the registration form.

    NB: Please note that each registration session has a time limit of 15 mins. If this time limit is exceeded, then you will need to start over the registration process.  

    1. If using a purchased PROMO CODE, enter the code into the box provided at the end of the registration form and then click “Continue”.
    2. If registering multiple participants and using PROMO CODES, complete each form and add a single promo code for each participant. When all participants have entered, click “Continue.”
    3. If using a credit card, leave the promo code box blank and click “CONTINUE”.
    4. If registering multiple participants and using a credit card, click the “Add another participant” button and when completed for all participants, click “CONTINUE”.
  4. Please read the GENERAL TERMS & WAIVER and then select the check box “I agree to GENERAL TERMS & WAIVER” and then click “CONTINUE”.
  5. Complete the “Billing information form and click “Continue to payment”. If a promo code was not entered initially, enter the promo code in the box provided.
  6. Complete the “Payment information” and click “Submit Order” to complete registration.

Download the registration guide by clicking PGCS Registration Steps

Promo Codes

Thank You for signing up for
PGCS Be Fit and Fab 5K 2023

Your Promo Code is



Go to the Registration Page by entering the following URL:
Log in or create a race roster account.
Enter your details and promo code in the prompt.
Continue to checkout and ensure you received a confirmation email.

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