US Pan Tour Fundraising Efforts

Queen's Royal College & Providence Girls' Catholic School - US Pan Tour 2024

Members of the Provi-QRC Steel Orchestra, comprising of 21 students, will be touring the Washington/Maryland region of the U.S.A. from July 17th to 31st, 2024. As our youths seek their own development and to represent their schools and country on this cultural and educational journey, we are requesting your support by donating to reduce the personal burdens of travel and accommodation expenditure, which exceeds TTD$250,000 associated with this initiative.

QRC and Providence first joined forces in 2014 to play at the National Schools Panorama
competition. They won the competition that year, proving that indeed, pan is not in danger!

Other than Panorama, the QRC and the Providence Pan Ensembles play at various shows  throughout the year to hone their skills.

  • The QRC Pan Ensemble previously had two tours to Washington, one in 2014 and another in 2017, teaming up with CAFE (Cultural Academy for Excellence ) which is based in Maryland, Washington.
  • The Providence Pan Ensemble plays for a number of its school events and won the 2018 and 2019 San Fest competitions in the steelpan category.

Some past members of the QRC/Providence steel orchestra are now at UTT or UWI studying music, having in part been influenced by their experience as part of this dynamic team.

Some members of the Provi/QRC Steel Orchestra

Experiences like this trip have a profound impact on our students' personal and academic growth. Through performances, visits to educational sites and other cross-cultural activities, they will gain valuable insights, develop important skills, and form lasting memories that will enrich their lives for years to come. As ambassadors of our culture, they will have an opportunity to inspire others with the creativity and potential of our national instrument.

Join us in making this tour a success for our young men and women.

Please donate today and share this post to spread the word. Thank you!

Esther Callender- George
President, QRC PTA
On behalf of The Queen's Royal College, Parent Teacher Association

You can donate to his venture by following this link:

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