World Poetry Day 2022

In honor of World Poetry Day, Providence Girls' Catholic School's Languages Department hosted it's first poetry competition. We are excited to present the winners below but want to thank each student who participated in the competition. We look forward to future opportunities where our students can express themselves through poetry, drama, or prose. Special thanks to MovieTowne for the 4 Complimentary Movie Passes and Holiday Snacks Ltd for the three hampers. The prizes were presented by Mrs.Gorin-Principal O(Ag), Ms.Persad- Vice Principal (Ag), and Mrs.Oblington- Head of Languages Department (Ag). 

Lower School 1st place winner Chloe Persad
Lower School 2nd place winner Neimah Caseman
Lower School 3rd place winner Xoerhia
Upper School 1st place winner Samara Dolabaille
Upper School 2nd place winner Rhianna Eccles
Upper School 3rd place winner Ariana Eustache
Lower School People's Choice winner Anuradha Maharaj
Upper School People's Choice Winner Cherisse Yearwood
Foreign Language: Spanish Poetry winner Jayde Eastman

Lower School Winners

1st Place: Chloe Persad - "Wrath of the Green Eyed Monster"

Listen to Chloe recite her poem:

2nd Place: Neimah Caseman - "A Vision of Perfection"

3rd Place: Xoerhia Clarke - "Go Away You Are Not Here to Stay"

People's Choice: Anuradha Maharaj - "Friends"

Listen to Anuradha recite her poem:


Upper School Winners

1st Place: Samara Dolabaille - "I Shall Return and I Must Come Back"

Listen to Samara recite her poem:

2nd Place: Rihanna Eccles - "Ionna"

3rd Place: Ariana Eustache - "Just a Random Thought"

Listen to Ariana recite her poem:


Spanish Language Winner

Jayde Eastmond - "Podrida" 

Listen to Jayde recite her poem: